Typical Dicot Leaves

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Stain and Mount Guide

Stain Abreviation:
AF&FG Stain Acid Fuchsin & Fast Green

AC Stain Alcohol Carmine stain

C Stain Carmine stain

C&FG Stain Carmine & Fast Green

CV Stain Cresyl Violet

FS Stain Fuchsin stain

FS&FG Stain Fuchsin & Fast Green

GS Stain Giemsa

H&E Stain Hematoxylin and Eosin

H&T Stain Hematoxylin and Triosin

IH Stain Iron Hematoxylin

M Stain Mallory

MaS Stain Mason

OS Stain Osmium

S Stain Silver

WR Stain Wright's

NG Stain Nissl or Golgi stain

Pas Stain Periodic Acid Schift Reaction

Mount Preparation:

c.s. Cross section

l.s. Longitudinal section

m.l.s. Median-Longitudinal Section

sec. Section

sag. sec. Sagittal Section

t.s. Transversal Section

smear Liquid smear

w.m. Wholemount